Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. All goods and jobs contracted cannot be cancelled unless the Seller consents and if so, on such terms and conditions as the Seller may impose.

2. By signing the contract, the Buyer confirms that he/ she has seen a sample of the materials to be used and that the design, quality and colour of the material is as set out. Unless the goods supplied are completely different in design, quality and/ or colour, the Buyer shall not have any right to refuse acceptance.

3. All complaints or claims must be made to the Seller in writing within 7 days from date of delivery/ installation.

4. Where the Seller is required to carry out installation of any of the goods specified, the Buyer shall ensure that he/ she hands over the work site to the Seller, clear of all trades, their materials and rubbish. The Seller shall be allowed a reasonable period to complete the installation work, during which, the Buyer shall ensure that the Seller is free of any interference, disturbances and delays on the part of the Buyer and his/ her tradesmen to carry out such work. Where a specified handover date is set by Buyer and the Seller is delayed in doing so due to the site conditions or delay in confirmation of material, any overtime cost incurred in rushing to meet the deadline will be borne by the Buyer.

5. Upon deliver of materials and/ or completion of installation works, the Buyer shall be solely responsible for any loss and damage occurring thereafter.

6. All goods remain the property of the Seller until fully paid for by the Buyer. Where the Buyer fails to pay as agreed, the Seller is authorised to repossess the goods and in his/ her discretion dispose of the goods as he/ her thinks fit.